Recently I have found a new thing for GIMP, the Gimp-painter, its a modification/patch in the original gimp sources, with the intention to get blending the colors, like this:

After I got the new, I tried to install it, but was a badly experience...
but today, trying again (Never surrender, u know xD)....
and I got it, is amazing functional..
I hope coloring some of my draws with it.. :P

Here I wrote a little "tutorial", for if u like to play with it ;)


1 First u need download the GIMP sources, I used the last (2.6.1)

2 After u need get the Gimp-painter patch here: I used the (gimp-painter--20081024.diff)

3 Install the dependencies with apt-get build-dep gimp like root ;)

4 Extract the Gimp sources in a folder and paste the patch in the same place.

5 apply the patch with: patch -p1 < Direction where is the .diff.

6 Gimp is patched, time to compile :P; like many other programs:
make install

7 Enjoy! :P



The website of the project:

You can see it in action in this video: